Sunday, August 30, 2009

Grassroots efforts create longstanding nanny tradition

Started in 1998 by Mary Clurman – Nanny News, Judi Merlin – A Friend of the Family, and a group of dedicated industry professionals, National Nanny Recognition Week was created to draw attention to the positive aspects of nannies instead of the negative issues the press seems to thrive on.

Past events scheduled across the country included a 1000 nanny march on the capitol steps of Washington, DC, a rally in Atlanta’s Centennial Park, various parties and picnic hosted by agencies and nanny support groups nationwide. NNRW has become an annual event lauded by nannies, industry professionals, media nanny support groups, industry leaders, professional organizations and the parents whom employ the nannies.

In 1999, The National Association of Nannies, which was the first national organization run by nannies for nannies, was given permission to adopt NNRW as its own and developed it into a weeklong celebration ending with its annual conference. NAN folded in 2005 but the NNRW legacy was passed on to APN who took over the reins in 2007.

What began as an effort of few now spans hundreds of professionals the last full week of September each year. Slated for September 20-26, 2009 – NNRW continues to focus on the positive, quality aspects that nannies bring to their charges and jobs every day; and for parents and agencies to say “Thank You” to their wonderful caregivers.

This year, events are being planned in Cincinnati, Washington, DC metro area, Richmond, Northern NJ area, Michigan, Central Florida and many others across the country.

Have an event you’d like to promote and share with the nanny community?  Looking for ideas on NNRW? Check out the NNRW blog for the latest info on NNRW 2009.

The Regarding Nannies development team is proud to be amongst those involved in the first NNRW events back in 1998, and we continue honoring nannies with every post we do on our site. As our way of saying Thank You, we have dedicated September for YOU - the nannies. We have gathered an amazing group of offers and discounts from generous participants who gather with us to say thank you. We hope you take advantage of these shops and share these offers with everyone you know!

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  1. I remember being on the steps and marching! ADCAN also had a NannyDay the day before in conjunction! The wonderful Harriette Grant was with us among many other long time nannies, agencies, pioneers.
    Thank you for making this 11th year so awesome NNRW! The news is spreading like wildfires!


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