Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ways to Appreciate Your Nanny

♥ Say Thank You ♥ Tell your friends good things about her knowing she will hear them back ♥ a surprise day off ♥ Have the children say Thank You ♥ Treat your nanny to breakfast or dinner made by the family ♥ a card and framed photo of the family ♥ Membership fees to a local nanny support group or other Professional Organization ♥ Pay for conference fees to Nannypalooza or INA with paid professional days to attend the event ♥ Tuition for college courses ♥ CPR Training ♥ Pay for dinner out with friends ♥ a raise ♥ an IRA ♥ gift basket of favorite treats ♥ gift certificates to favorite stores ♥ movie tickets ♥ gift certificate for manicure/pedicure or massage ♥ gym membership ♥ handmade card or gift from the child/children ♥ frequent flier miles to travel home ♥

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  1. Thanks for the great ideas. I have posted them on our newsletter blog. Thank You!!


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